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Trade mark SCANMIX is well known in Ukraine since 1999. Finnish firm "OY SCANMIX АВ" is the co-owner of the trademark this firm is one of three the largest building materials producing companies in Scandinavia.

The strong basement for professional and successful activity in building materials market is created due to high-tech equipment, progressive technologies, unique products and more than 25 years experience of dry building mortars producing. Experience and high level of professionalism of those firm's specialists who created the company helped us to stand in Ukrainian market.

The firm "SCANMIX-UKRAINE" has stable sales growth due to permanent investment into producing base development and technological researches. This led to appearance of wide and variable production range, which satisfies requirements of modern building technologies, so as to development of new high-quality building materials range, which are the best in this sector of the market.

Environmentally friendly SCANMIX® production has the registered trademark in Ukraine and all needed certification documents.

SCANMIX is real Finnish quality.

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