Production Cellular polystyrene boardsEPS

Scanmix PSB-S-15

- warming and noise insulation of walls indoors
- heat and noise insulation inside walls
- heat insulation of loggias
- heat insulation of containers, vehicles
- packing material

Scanmix PSB-S-25

- external heat insulation of facades
- heat and noise insulation of roofs, loggias, parts of underground facilities
- pipe insulation
- heat and water isolation of underground services
- heat and water isolation in building of pools

Scanmix PSB-S-35

- heat insulation of floors
- heat insulation of basements
- heat insulation of drainage system
- heat insulation of bases
- heat insulation of underground facilities, parking
- preventing of soil freezing

Scanmix PSB-S-50

- floor construction
- refrigerator construction
- on heated ground and under ventilated underground garages
- on parking of heavy vehicles
- in building and reconstruction of roads

Thermal insulation boards SCANTERM

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