Scanmix PLASTER K 20

Scanmix PLASTER K 20

Facade decorative acrylic plaster with «pebble» structure. The plaster is vaporizable, ...

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Scanmix EASY 102

Tile adhesive, economical, used for gluing ceramic, stone and other tiles with a water ...

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Scanmix ТТ Grey 519

Universal gray starting putty, which is used for construction and repair work for ...

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Scanmix PLASTER K Standard

Decorative acrylic plaster with «pebble» structure. The plaster is steam-permeable, ...

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Acrylic paint for indoor and outdoor use. Designed for painting building facades, ...

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Weatherproof acrylic paint for indoor and outdoor use. Designed for painting building ...

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The preparation of the ground is carried out in accordance withState Building Norms of Ukraine V.2.6-22-2001 and National standards of Ukraine-N B А.3.1-23. The surface must be clean, dry and workable. Carefully remove residues of lime whitewash, efflorescence and other contamination. Fresh cement plaster must be cured for at least 28 days, concrete for at least 3 months, surfaces of thermal insulation systems for at least 7 days, surfaces filled with cement putty for at least 3 days. The moisture content of the base should not exceed 4%. Dust the surfaces, treat with TM SCANMIX primer, clean the areas affected by fungi with an antiseptic solution.


The paint is ready to use. Stir well before use. Apply in two coats with a brush, roller or spray. Dilute the paint with water no more than 5%. Do not thin the paint during the final coat.


The work should be carried out at a temperature of the base and ambient air from + 5 ° C to + 30 ° C and a relative humidity of not more than 65%. Apply the next layer after 2-4 hours depending on drying. Drying of paint 8-10 hours at a substrate temperature of + 20 ° C and a relative humidity of 60%. Drying times may vary under other conditions. Full strength and ability to withstand mechanical stress occurs after 7 days. Do not apply paint to surfaces exposed to direct sunlight, strong wind, precipitation. Protect painted surfaces from precipitation until the paint is completely dry, but not less than a day.

TONNAGE: The paint can be toned with machine equipment using Color Mix and pigment dye.

STORAGE: In a tightly closed container in a cool and cold-proof place.

WARRANTY PERIOD OF STORAGE: 36 months. Please see the date and batch of manufacture on the packaging.

CONSUMPTION: 210 gr -240 gr per 1 m².

PACKAGE: 7 kg, 14 kg.