Two-component elastic waterproofing polymer-cement mix SCANMIX GI77

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Two-component elastic waterproofing polymer-cement mix SCANMIX GI77

Two-component elastic waterproofing polymer-cement mixture SCANMIX GI
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-Highly adhesive


-Frost resistant


-Vapor permeable

-For indoor and outdoor work

-Easy to use

-Hydrophobic after drying

-Withstands hydrostatic pressure of a water column up to 20 m high



SCANMIX GI 77 is intended for the device of a waterproofing of mineral surfaces, building designs (concrete, brickwork, cement-sand plaster, coupler) which in the course of operation undergo deformations (the bases, socles, balconies, terraces, showers, pools, treatment facilities, tanks intended for water storage). It is applied inside and outside of buildings and constructions, at new construction and reconstruction. Applied by water.

Provides reliable waterproofing of structures both at constant, and at periodic humidification, and also at hydrostatic pressure of a water column up to 20 m high. It is effective for the device of a waterproofing before facing by artificial or natural materials. Can be used in the “warm floor” system. The material is also used to protect concrete and reinforced concrete structures from precipitation and exposure to carbon dioxide.


Preparation of the base is carried out in accordance with DSTU-N B A.3.1-23: 2013 and DSTU-N B B.2.6-212: 2016. The base must be dry, strong and level. Clean the surface from dust, flushes, oil stains and other substances that reduce adhesion. The surface should be smooth and rough. All outer corners should be smoothed and inner corners should be rounded. In brickwork, the seams must be filled flush with the brick. Before using SCANMIX GI 77, the surface must be moistened to prevent the appearance of a solid water film. Endurance time of bases from concrete, cement-sand plaster and a bricklaying – not less than 28 days. The surface strength must be at least 15 MPa.


Preparation of the mortar mixture: pour component B into a clean container at the rate of 0.340-0.350 l per 1 kg of dry mixture (6 l per 17.5 kg), gradually add component A and mix with a low-speed mixer to obtain a homogeneous mass without lumps. Soak the mortar mixture for 5 minutes, then stir again. The required consistency of the mortar mixture is selected depending on the surface and method of application. The use of the mortar mixture is possible for 2 hours. Depending on the operating conditions, as well as the intensity of water, choose the method of applying the mortar mixture.

Protection against periodic moisture: 1 layer of coating waterproofing up to 2 mm thick. Protection against constant moisture: 2 layers of coating waterproofing 2.5 mm thick. Protection against hydrostatic pressure up to 20 m of water column: two layers of coating waterproofing 3 mm thick. The prepared mortar mixture is applied in a thin layer with a brush or mace on a damp, but not wet surface evenly, in one direction, without gaps. The following layers are applied following the method of “wet on wet”. The applied layer must be protected from rapid drying. Each subsequent layer is applied in a perpendicular direction to the previous one.

For reliable operation, it is recommended to protect the surface of freshly arranged waterproofing from mechanical damage, chemically aggressive environment and ultraviolet light by installing a finishing layer (polymer-cement plaster, tiling, etc.).

NOTES: Waterproofing works should be performed at the base temperature from + 5 ° С to + 30 ° С. All the above recommendations are effective at temperatures of +20 ± 2 ° C and relative humidity of 55 ± 5%. In other conditions, the technological parameters of the application may change. Use only with component B. The elastic waterproofing mix SCANMIX GI 77 contains cement and at interaction with water gives alkaline reaction therefore at work it is necessary to protect eyes and skin. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

RECOMMENDATIONS: In addition to the above information on the use of elastic waterproofing mixture, it is necessary to follow the current regulations for the installation of polymer-cement waterproofing. If the material is used in conditions not specified in the technical description, you should test yourself or consult the manufacturer.

STORAGE CONDITIONS: In branded closed packaging in dry conditions. Do not allow freezing! EXPIRATION DATE: 12 months from the date of manufacture indicated on the package.

UTILIZATION: Dispose of product residues as construction waste and packaging as household waste. PACKAGING: Two-component elastic waterproofing SCANMIX GI 77 is available in a plastic bucket of 25 liters. The dry mixture (component A) is packed in a paper bag of 17.5 kg, the aqueous dispersion of polymers (component B) is packed in a 6 liter canister.