Scanmix PLASTER K 15

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Scanmix PLASTER K 15

Facade decorative acrylic plaster with «pebble» structure. The plaster is vaporizable, durable, with low atmospheric absorption and resistant to the influence of micro-organisms.It is intended for a decorative finishing layer device in TM SCANMIX thermal insulation systems. It is used to create durable and worn-out coatings on the facades and inside the premises.

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The preparation of the base is carried out according to State Building Norms of Ukraine V.2.6-22-2001 and Building regulations 3.04.01-87 and it must be dry, strong, free from frost, capable of bearing the load, free of dust, dirt, oil, grease and old paint residues. Fragile, old coatings and oil contamination are carefully removed. Roughness, chips, cracks shall be restored using TM SCANMIX repair mixtures. Cement plastered surfaces with a thickness of more than 10 mm must be cured for at least 14 days, putty surfaces – at least 3 days, surfaces of insulation systems – 7 days. All surfaces need to be treated with an adhesive primer TM SCANMIX. When using tinted plaster, the primer must be tinted with the same color. Surfaces that strongly absorb moisture pre-treat deep penetration TM SCANMIX with primer.Areas affected by micro-organisms are mechanically cleaned and treated with antiseptic primers.


Immediately before using decorative plaster, all contents of the package should be very carefully mixed until a uniform consistency is obtained. And to avoid different shades of color we suggest to mix all volume of plaster. If necessary, add a small amount of water (only for correction, maximum 1.5%). If sprayed, the maximum water additive is up to 100 ml per 25 kg of plaster. The quantity of water added for each package must be the same. Adding water can change the working properties of the plaster and its colour.

If carried out manually, apply the plaster with stainless steel glazing and distribute it until the layer is in the grain. After applying the mass it is necessary to give it the necessary structure ( Lamb» – circular movements) with the help of a glassmaker of plastic.Apply at base and ambient temperatures of + 5°C  to + 25 °C. Do not apply to the heated surface. Direct sunlight, high wind and humidity above 65% should be avoided during operation as well as during drying.Protect the plaster until it is completely dried with a film or a dense protective mesh. The temperature of the base and ambient environment during application and for the following 48 hours shall not be less than + 5°C. The drying time at temperatures + 20°C and the relative humidity of 65% is 24 hours.The plaster is completely dry and can be loaded after 2-3 days.

COLOUR: White.

TONNAGE: Toned according to the COLOR MIX system.

CONSUMPTION: Grain size 1,5 mm – 2,4 kg/m², the exact flow is determined by the test application at the facility.

STORAGE: In tightly closed packagings at temperatures + 5°C and not above + 30°C.

BEST BEFORE: 24 months from date of manufacture.

CAPACITY: 25 kg.

The information contained in the description is intended to ensure that plaster work is properly performed. The manufacturer shall not be liable for any combination with other producers or damage caused by the misuse or misuse of the product.