Scanmix TEPLO 118

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Scanmix TEPLO 118

A mixture for facing stoves and fireplaces, as well as for work on durable non-deforming bases (concrete, brick) and other foundations, facing materials with water absorption of at least 1% inside and outside buildings. It is especially recommended for use in facing fireplaces and stoves, because it has insulating properties that allow increasing the heat storage properties of fireplaces and stoves.

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  • Steam-penetrating
  • High adhesion
  • User-friendly
  • Highly plastic
  • Frost resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Environmentally friendly


The preparation of the base is carried out in accordance with Building regulations 3.04.01-87 and Government building codes V.2.6-22-2001. The substrate must be flat, dry, strong, free of grease, old paints and other materials that reduce adhesion. Small irregularities and dents in the base can be leveled with the same adhesive mixture. Before applying the dissolved mixture, prime the base with SCANMIX dispersion.Surfaces which strongly inject the liquid must be treated twice with SXAMX dispersion and held for at least 2 hours. The groundwork needs to be completed at least 24 hours prior to the cladding.


Don’t wet the tiles. Pour the dry mixture into an appropriate amount of clean water at room temperature and mix a small reverse drill with a mixing nozzle or manually until a homogeneous mass without bundles is obtained. After 5…10 minutes, the mixture is re-mixed. The dissolved mixture is applied to the base prepared by the flat side of the toothed spatula, then the toothed side is distributed on the surface. The amount of dissolved mixture is applied in one dose so that the tile can be glued in 20 minutes. The tiles are laid on a solution and are easily pressed against the base by small rotating movements. Tiles can be adjusted for approximately 15 minutes after gluing. The maximum thickness of the newly laid dissolved mixture under the tile shall not exceed 10 mm. The minimum thickness of the layer shall be not less than 2 mm. For convenience, the width of the seam between the tiles is adjusted by means of disinfecting crosses. The residue of the dissolved mixture must be carefully removed before it hardens with a wet sponge. Under normal climatic conditions, after 48 hours the surface is ready for technological movement, it is possible to fill sutures with fugue. The sutures are filled with the aid of a mixture of SNCMIC SL.


Warm the lining base after full strength of adhesive solution and dilution. Increase the base temperature gradually. It is recommended to make the first and second furnace at half the capacity of the furnace and only after 72 hours. The manufacturer shall not be liable for the misuse of the material as well as for its use in a purpose and under conditions not provided for in the instruction.


The solution and water should not be poured out after working in sewer pipes. It is desirable to work in rubber gloves. Contact with the skin or eyes shall be avoided. If the solution enters the skin or eyes, it is necessary to wash it thoroughly with water, since the mixture contains cement which, when mixed with water, forms an alkaline medium.


In dry space and on pallets, in factory packaging: 12 months from the date of issue indicated on the package.


The dry mixture is packed in paper bags of 20 kg.


COMPOSITION: Mixture of cement with mineral fillers and special additives
Maximal grain 0,3 mm
Amount of water to mix solution
0,16-0,2 l/kg mixture
Final solution time
up to 4 hours
Air temperature and bases during tile laying from +5°С to +30°С
Operating temperature:through 21 days from -30°С to +160°С
Layer thickness up to 10 mm
Strength of adhesion to base more than 0,8 megapascal
Consumption 2-4 kg/m2