Scanmix UNIVERSAL 220

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Scanmix UNIVERSAL 220

Adhesive and reinforcing mixture for heat-insulating plates, is used in the system of insulation of facades by «light wet» method for gluing mineralized and foam-polystyrene plates and for the embodiment of reinforced layer. Steam permeable. Elastic has a very good adhesion with a bearing base and a mineral-like and polystyrene plate. It is possible to use ceramic tiles, mosaics and porcelain tiles, clinker tiles and stone tiles on walls or floors.

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  • Steam-penetrating
  • High adhesion
  • User-friendly
  • Highly plastic
  • Freezing
  • Waterproof
  • Environmentally friendly


SCANMIX UNIVERSAL solution is attached to bearing surfaces. The surface shall be dry and strong, cleaned of dust, dirt, grease and oil stains and other materials that weaken the adhesion. Fragile layers that do not hold should be removed. If there are defects and irregularities on the surface of the base it is recommended to level the starting spur SCANMIX TT. All the bases are treated 1-2 times with primer SCANMIX.

It is recommended to check the adhesion of samples of the polystyrene foam plate (15*15 cm) to the base. After 3 days to check the robustness of the coupling.


SCANMIX UNIVERSAL adhesive solution is mixed manually or mechanically until a uniform consistency is obtained. After 5 minutes, the finished solution should be stirred again, after which the solution can be used for 4 hours. Work at a base temperature between +5°C and + 30°C . When the solution dries, it shall be protected from freezing, rapid drying and rain. All recommendations are effective at a base temperature of +20 °C at a relative humidity of 60%.  The adhesive solution is applied along the perimeter of the plates with a strip (width 4-5 cm). In the center of the plate, 6-8 spots are formed, with a height of at least 1 cm and a diameter of about 10 cm. The area covered by SCANMIX UNIVERSAL should be at least 40% of the plate area. The adhesive can be applied to the entire surface of a toothed spatula with teeth 8*8 or 10*10 mm only having a flat base. The solution must not enter the ends of the plates and the excess solution must be removed.

First of all, it is desirable to make a thin contact layer along the perimeter of the mineral-shaped plate and the foam-polystyrene plate and in the places where the stains of the solution will be formed. This will greatly facilitate the installation of the stoves. The manufacture of reinforced plaster must start within 72 hours of the gluing of the slabs.The adhesive solution is applied with a thin layer by the even side of the spatula. Toothed side forms grooves. The fiberglass mesh is pressed into the adhesive solution. The solution extending beyond the limit is aligned by a flat spatula. In this case, the mesh must be in the middle of the adhesive layer and the mesh pattern must not appear.The mesh is laid simultaneously with two canvases from top to bottom with an overlap along the edges of 10 cm. Irregularities must be carefully sanded down so that they are not visible through a thin layer of decorative plaster (2-3 mm). Pour only cool water into the mixture.

The tools must be washed immediately after the work is finished.

The manufacturer shall not be responsible for the improper use of the material or its use for purposes and conditions not provided for in the instruction.


The solution and water should not be poured out after working in sewer pipes. It is desirable to work in rubber gloves. Contact with the skin or eyes shall be avoided. If the solution enters the skin or eyes, it is necessary to wash it thoroughly with water, since the mixture contains cement which, when mixed with water, forms an alkaline medium.


In dry space and on pallets, in factory packaging: 12 months from the date of issue indicated on the package.


The dry mixture is packed in paper bags of 25 kg.


COMPOSITION: Mixture of cement with mineral fillers and special additives
Maximal grain 0,3 mm
Amount of water to mix solution
0,16-0,2 l/kg mixture
Final solution time up to 4 hours
Air temperature and bases when used from +5°С to +30°С
Layer thickness up to 15 mm
Strength of adhesion to base more than 0,8 megapascal
– as an adhesive for slabs
– as a reinforcing layer
4-6 kg/m2/mm
2-4 kg/m2/mm