Scanplast М 25 STANDART

Scanplast М 25 STANDART

Expanded polystyrene board, EPS60, density: 11.0-13.0 kg / m³.


– insulation of external walls for decorative plaster;
– filling the walls of a frame house;
– embedding in brickwork;
– prevention of cold bridges in eaves, door frames, lintels and other places;
– the outer layer of the walls of the frame house for the “ventilation facade” system;
– for leveling walls for plaster;
– insulation of ceilings and roofs from the inside;
– the space between and under the rafters in sloped roofs.

Parameters М 25
Compressive strength at 10% deformation, megapascal 0,09
Limit of bending strength not less than megapascal 0,17
Thermal conductivity in dry state t=25ºС 0,037
Влагостойкость плит, не больше, % 12
Water absorption in 24 hours by volume, no more than, % 2,5
Marking on -25
National standards of Ukraine B V. 2.7-8-94