Scanmix CONFLOW GP 400

Scanmix CONFLOW GP 400

Self-leveling and fast-setting mixture for leveling concrete, cement-sand, anhydrite and ...

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Scanmix CONFLOW 500 TOP

An easy-leveling mixture for industrial floors, consisting of special cements, solid ...

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Scanmix ТТ White 520

Universal white starting putty, which is used in construction and renovation work to ...

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Scanmix S White 521

Facade finishing putty for creating perfectly smooth surfaces.The solution is intended ...

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Scanmix S Grey 522

Cement-based finishing putty, intended for leveling the wall surface with a thin layer of ...

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Scanmix LHD

Finishing spackle, which is used to level cement limestone, concrete, wooden, drywall and ...

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  • Ready for use, does not require mixing
  • Ideal for leveling different surfaces and as a finishing layer
  • High adhesion
  • Low flow, low shrinkage
  • Possible use of residues of spackle for a month (with a closed lid)


The surface to be treated must be free from dust and grease, as well as from old oil and pentaphthalic coatings. Before applying the solution, treat the surface with SCANMIX dispersion.


Thoroughly stir before use. The spackle is applied to the surface in a layer up to 2 mm thick. In the case of large irregularities, LHD 60 is applied in multiple layers. The drying time of one layer is 4-6 hours.

After a complete drying of the spackles, grind the surface using sandpaper with grain not more than 240 units until a clean, level and smooth surface is obtained.


The solution and water should not be poured out after working in sewer pipes. It is desirable to work in rubber gloves. Contact with the skin or eyes shall be avoided. If the solution enters the skin or eyes, it is necessary to wash it thoroughly with water, since the mixture contains cement which, when mixed with water, forms an alkaline medium.


In a tightly closed bank above +5°C: 12 months from the date of issue indicated on the package.


The spackle is packed in plastic buckets for 3.5 kg, 8 kg, 16 kg, 25 kg.


COMPOSITION: Aqueous dispersion mixture of acrylic polymer, mineral fillers and auxiliaries
Color white
Placeholder size not more than 0,04 mm
Final solution time up to 30 days
Air temperature and bases when used
 +5°С to +30°С
Strength of adhesion to concrete base
0,6 megapascal
Maximum thickness of the layer 2 mm
1 mm thickness flow rate from 0,5 to 1 kg/m2
Drying time of one layer 4-6 hours
Density 1,65 kg/l